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Starting in May and going through the summer and into October there are thousands of quality baseball games being played throughout the United States, not including games played by the 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. Most people don't even know that these baseball leagues and teams exist and those that do have a hard time knowing where and when these teams play.

This website will try to make it easier for Americans to "Catch a Ball Game" near them. The website will focus on three types of baseball leagues where baseball is played each year as described below and further detailed out in those pages. Click on the leagues to learn more and click below to visit the map showing where these games are played with links to each team's schedule.

​​Collegiate Summer Games -- These are played in the summer months only (end of May to beginning of August) and are played by college students who still have college eligibility remaining. These players are unpaid and are still considered amateurs. Many times these players are using wood bats for the first time in competitive play. The goal is for these players to improve their skills and go back to their college baseball teams for the following year.

Independent League Games -- These are played by professional players who are paid to play and by teams that are competing for league championships where winning is the goal. These teams and leagues have no formal affiliation with Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, although a few of the leagues have partnered with MLB in certain areas. The goal for these players is to play well enough to be signed by an MLB team and start playing for an MLB Minor league team (see below).

MLB Minor League Games -- These are played by professional players who play for, and have a contract with, one of the 30 MLB teams and are in "Minor League" baseball. Each MLB team has four affiliated minor league teams (AAA, AA, High A, and Low A). The goal of the players is to play well enough to keep moving up in the organization to eventually play for the MLB team and make big bucks.

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